22 thoughts on “cant start sql server service

  1. In my case, an internal error was responsible for this one error. Finally, we get rid of from this panic situation using the assistance of Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair.

  2. Thanks for the video. But please remove the background song, since it blocks the whole content because the video violates distribution in another countries. Try to put something classical or instrumental as a background music, just my 5 cents.

  3. This VIA protocole is not appearing in my Clieant protocole window :/
    seems like this might be the one reason stoping MSSQLSERVER from getting start but not the global solution .

  4. so helpful bro .. thanks a lot 
    psss : i didn't disable the VIA  protocol because i didn't find it .. so i'd it with the (TCP:IP) protocol  😉 =D

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