Coin Pusher || 200 QUARTERS AT ONCE!! ( CLOSED )

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COIN PUSHER TIME! Today we go to the Coin Pusher and do a challenge, $50 (200 quarters) at one time, while pressing the stop tray button, then letting all $50 go at once! Write in the comments how much you think I’ll win back for chance to win a $30 amazon gift card!
My amount I won was $36.75 Gongrats to the WINNER!

First person to guess the exact amount will be told in a later video, along with the amount won back.


Thanks for watching and good luck!

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44 thoughts on “Coin Pusher || 200 QUARTERS AT ONCE!! ( CLOSED )

  1. Let me guess…. You made $… DUH!.. It is nice to finally see what these"sleaze games do!" Just keep an eye out for them juicy lot lizaaards.. boys!!!

  2. if nothing else, you boys proved what I have been trying to tell other arcade pukes about how to win at the coin pusher: stop the freakin' moving tray and load it up.  The chances are a lot better that many coins will create a wall of resistance that the lower level train cannot absorb.  Singletons get pushed and shoved here and there.  But then you had to get greedy and wound up with a handful of stuck coins.  How is it you have a key to the lock of this machine and can get inside it to bust up the log jam?

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