47 thoughts on “COIN PUSHER HACK! WIN MORE MONEY!!!!

  1. Haha clicked on this video to learn tricks because i am literally addicted to these stupid machines lol I was a bit surprised to see that Subaru! Subie Gang! I have a 2006 wrx

  2. One time I was at the carnival and we spent soo much coins that my friend's dad said "Wanna know a secret? They super glue the coins on"
    He was obviously getting impatient, and then my mom actually told me what they really did.

    They take quarters and put them very very close to the edge, sometimes even dollar bills and stuff, to trick people into thinking some idiot put it there, and so YOU could get it.

    The reality, no. It takes like 50dollars worth of coins just to push that thing. I spent about 10 bucks and all I got out of it was 2 quarters. 2!!! Not worth your money guys. It's a scan.

  3. There is nothing about tips or tricks or hacks. This is whiteboi clickbait that is n9t worthy of even being on YouTube

  4. This isn't a "hack" at all. It's just some dude playing the game! There wasn't even anything to take away from the video!

  5. Lmao glad How you gave advertisement for the Dealership That screwed you and added a bunch of things to your loan agreement without you knowing. I know because I worked in finance at a Dealership. They are more corrupt than the government.

  6. Wow you know what i thought oh yesh hack right bucket of salt and all that but fuck me i cant beleive my eyes this is THE BEST coinpusher hack of hacks. Really? Are you for real so your tapping the glass to try and get the coins that should have dropped anyway, but there getting stuck so you should have titled HOW I GOT HACKED BY A COIN PUSHER.

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