24 thoughts on “Coin Pusher || WINNING HUGE TOWER OF QUARTERS!

  1. 10 reasons that prove why my video is REAL
    1. The quarters are real
    2.The coin pusher is real
    3.I'm a REAL person ( not an impersonator )
    4.The office is REAL
    5.It's in the description we're at the office
    6.The description in the thumbnail say's "Coin Pusher || WINNING HUGE TOWER OF QUARTERS!"
    7.I won the quarters, even though they were mine.
    8.It's just for fun and not to be taken to seriously
    9.I was not trying to hide the fact it was staged in my office as noted by the CLAW CRAZINESS logo on the machine.
    10. Our fans love this type of video, so I'll be making a part 2 with another giveaway:)

  2. Yes!! I won my own quarters, on my own machine, at my own house!! Just to get subscribers. Awesome, I totally am following you now.

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