Contra (NES) – Full Walkthrough (No Death, No Power Ups)

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After recording walkthrough of another game from Contra series, Super C (you can watch it here: ), I decided to try and complete the first one (which I consider to be more difficult) with the same conditions. I got a little too nervous during the latter stages, but still managed to complete the game without dying.


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20 thoughts on “Contra (NES) – Full Walkthrough (No Death, No Power Ups)

  1. I beat it yesterday without the code, using the laser weapon, and only dying twice, and I thought I was hardcore. Kudos, OP!

  2. MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the arcade version. I don't know what the arcade version is anymore, after playing this version.

  3. wow what a player.i used to lose all my chances at stage 4 machine.the imagination of game developers was superp in more games like that.

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