Contra: Return (Tencent Mobile Games) CN Store – HIGH GRAPHIC Gameplay [iOS]

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Contra Return By Tencent Mobile Games

This Game is available in China Store only.

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Orthodoxy, innovation shooting! is a horizontal version of the Shoot mobile game jointly developed by Tencent KONAMI. Restore the classic contractor to play, with the brothers challenge BOSS! PVP added innovation to achieve 1V1 3V3 real-time competition; rich barrage and weapons to challenge you with ever-changing battlefield; continuation of the classic double mode, full team fire! The elite assembled, the king returned, let us fight together and fight through!

【Game Features】
1, Orthodox sequel: Tencent and KONAMI teamed up to build the classic “Contra” series based on the sequel to the product;
2, double team: double team, endless survival, a variety of models refused to boring! Walk, jump, dodge, hit and kill, innovative operation to save boring!
3, innovative play: fair play PVP – 1V1 warm-up match, 1V1 heroic battlefield, 3V3 occupation base, qualifying, a hundred kinds of heroic weapons with personality!
4, shooting action: a new generation of passport 3D cross-innovation shooting hand tour;
5, classic art: classic engraved, with the addition of modern, science fiction elements.


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27 thoughts on “Contra: Return (Tencent Mobile Games) CN Store – HIGH GRAPHIC Gameplay [iOS]

  1. They need to remaster this in put it on the consoles.. theyd make so much money.. 10 times better than the trash they got coming.. this is wayyy more Contra then that will ever be, true to characters and music love it!! This is true Nostalgia

  2. This is far more awesome than any mobile game has any right to be!

    (And, this is far more of a Contra game than that bloody Contra 2020 thing!)

  3. Neden oyunlar mobile olunca bir saçmalıktan öteye grçemiyo anlamıyonki 1987 bile bundan daha güzel bi zamandı

  4. recommendations: -needs more color. Neon color scheme. Bright vibrant colors scheme
    – don't make the characters bulky. Give them slim/athletic builds. Real life special forces soldiers do not strive to be 'muscular'. Special operations soldiers find a balance between slim and muscular. 'grunts' are all brawn no brain. 'spec ops' is considered more intelligent

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