19 thoughts on “Desperados 3 Gameplay B-roll

  1. John's father was James. They are giving an origin story of John Cooper. That's the most interesting thing I have heard so far about this game. May be this game will find a top 10 strategy game in my list. Top is Desperados WDOA.

  2. The music was a huge part of desperados 1's atmosphere and feel – and it was bloody excellent!
    also hope the game is moddable enough so the community can take care of annoying children shit like the overly bright and saturated view angles and all the cartoonish stuff going on all over the screen… the climb area indication and so on… similar in concept to using friendly hud mod on the witcher3 – it makes the game much more immersive without the damn gps and all that on your screen while traveling… in a game like this you're supposed to find things in the map that give you alternative routes and feel rewarded when you've discovered it yourself instead of someone holding your hand all the time.

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