49 thoughts on “DESPERADOS 3 Trailer (Gamescom 2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

  1. Finally! 😀 I am totally getting this 😀 The style kinda makes me Think of telltale for some reason but i like it :3

  2. what a brilliant trailer, it has succeed in delivering the idea of the gameplay of real time tactics with interesting way

  3. I doubt it'll live up to the first game. Even the second and (actual) third games didn't live up to it from the original developer…

  4. OK Im so exited for this 🙂
    Desperados was One of My Fav. games growing up
    I Just have few Concerns regarding the lore
    Cooper Never used 2 Guns
    He Always been a 1 Gun Gunslinger and he was fast enough to kill 3 in less than a second (People who played Desperados 1 Will remember the train station mission 😉 )
    I dont know how doc is still alive after desperados 2 !!!
    who the fuck is the Chick as this is not Kate O'hera !!!
    Where is SAM ?
    The new Sanchez looks Cool ,But where is Sanchez ?
    A lot of questions , But I'm so exited to see this game Coming Back 😀

  5. for those who fail to understand the concept of this game.
    Desperados is an Strategy game that puts you in a scenario where you have to escape, some times you have to escape without killing anyone, sometimes you have escape without been seen etc and usually you play with up to 5 or 6 gang members you can control them at the same time and which one of them have different skills and perks. you have the charming girl, the big strong guy, the sniper etc.
    I'm a huge fun of the first game that came out around 2001. and I can say i'm hyped for this game.

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