28 thoughts on “Dota 2 The International 2019 Battle Pass & Immortal 1 Opening

  1. My 10 year old loves Dota 2, but is not allowed to play with internet randos so he only plays bot matches with friends. Considering that, is the Battlepass worth it or would I be better off just giving him $10 to spend on cosmetics on the market?

  2. More of the same. Put absolutely trash tier loot at the beginning of the battle pass, then put all the really good stuff later on. No way you would be able to attain level 425 without purchasing levels, even if you played every single day starting at day one

  3. Fraud !!!
    Good evening, Why do you have in battle pass written 15% discount and in fact a 10% discount. and where is the 5% discount in fact, 2.1% of !!! Fraud !!!
    и для русско язычных
    Добрый вечер, Почему у вас в battle pass написано скидка 15% а по факту скидка 10%. а где скидка 5% по факту 2,1% !!! Мошенничество

  4. Biggest concern is that dota 2 is highly, becoming play to win, will the whole dota plus and now all these , in game assistant features, it's basically you pay and we give you tips, super stupid when people who have dota plus matches with Normal people, kinda like imbalance the game, may just stop playing dota 2 eventually

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