Dragon Nest Classes

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Dragon Nest Classes Trailer

Dragon Nest Skills:

Dragon Nest Warrior Skills:

Dragon Nest Archer Skills:

Dragon Nest Sorceress Skills:

Dragon Nest Cleric Skills:

Dragon Nest Academic/Tinkerer Skills:

Dragon Nest Kali Skills:

Dragon Nest Assassin Skills:

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Play Dragon Nest here:

Dragon Nest SEA:
Dragon Nest Europe:
Dragon Nest North America:
Dragon Nest Russia:


Summon the Rawk Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Dragon Nest Classes
Dragon Nest Gameplay
Dragon Nest Trailer

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29 thoughts on “Dragon Nest Classes

  1. Stupid Asian game planning. Got a bow? You know when you shoot arrows, you shoot dozen of them and there is a huuuuge rainbow fireworks show, yeah that's really how you use bows. Same with a sword, it's usually bigger than your body, and when you swing and hit it, the whole scenery erupts into a light show, aurora borealis everywhere. And people fly, of course! What, you walk? (Asian logic, in games).

  2. for 2015 whats the most dps person? im thinking Dark avenger but idk. Also do you know when the next Dark class comes out?

  3. Hmmmm… I was looking for Sao game but people said this is very close so I'm checking it out on YouTube it looks awesome but one thing can I personalise my character like give it new hair armour and all that stuff? Thanks for the upload by the way :3

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