42 thoughts on “Drogon & Daenerys Loot Train Attack – Game of Thrones Season 7 Ep 4 The Spoils of War Battle Jaime

  1. After watching this "pretty" scene (looks amazing but contextually it's ridiculous) countless times and recognizing one error after another, one that sticks out and bothers me probably the most is the plot armor of the single, terribly placed Scorpion weapon.

    This scene defines its purpose. They BROUGHT it for protection against her dragons specifically, and just decided to plop it down on low ground in the middle of what was to become a battlefield. Like a sitting duck.

    As the battle ensues and Dany creates the Field of Fire 2.0, she INTENTIONALLY burns the wagons of food (insanely moronic in retrospect because she complained prior about her armies not being able to eat during a siege; could have used it as a gambling chip with Cersei). She conveniently misses the wagon holding the Scorpion at EVERY fly-by. Why? Because it's the tool D&D chooses to clumsily advance Bronn through the scene.

    It remains untouched until he gets to it. He pulls away the cover, revealing it for all to see, including the horde of Dothraki all around him. He may not be dressed in Lannister armor, but he's clearly not Dothraki either. Still an enemy. Regardless, he's COMPLETELY IGNORED by EVERYONE as he harnesses the weapon most capable of taking down Daenerys. Even as he fires the first shot he remains ignored. No Dothraki take notice of their Khaleesi being fired at. Literally ALL they'd have to do is walk up and catch him off guard while he's focused on the dragon.

    Jaime, Commander Extraordinare, is off screen serving no purpose other than giving Dickon Tarly his one brave moment on the show. He is the one WHO TOLD BRONN TO GO USE THE SCORPION because of how useless he is now with one hand. Point taken. Being a true strategist who was only ever outsmarted by Robb Stark, he didn't even THINK to gather a group of soldiers to encircle and protect Bronn and the Scorpion, their remaining defense. A strategy that would look good on screen, create tension, and slightly justify their choice to have their final defense in the middle of the field.

    If not that, being Commander Extraordinare, Jaime should have ordered the Scorpion placed out of sight, under a treeline somewhere off the main road, on a small cliffside. A buffer of distance and surprise. That option would justify the moment of futility where Jaime tells Bronn to go use "their last defense", not just blurt out "Go UsE tHe ScOrPiOn OvEr ThErE". More tension, make the audience fear and wonder what "last defense" means as Bronn temporarily leaves the scene. He later unveils it in a critical moment with no imminent danger to him. He fires at least one shot at Dany, who can't immediately locate the obscured source. Jaime sees the shot miss and watches Bronn in anxiety before being distracted by the battle he's still in the middle of. Chaos in the field continues. Cut away to shot number two from Bronn. Again it misses as Drogon weaves through the air, now very agitated. Tension rises.

    Bronn is now compromised on the ground when Dothraki spot him on the distant cliffside. They fire arrows in his direction and a few charge on horseback. Jaime realizes and commands Lannister troops to stop them. But the Lannisters having no cavalry/horses they can't chase in heavy armor on foot. Tension. Bronn realizes his situation and faces a difficult decision. Tension, which will now affect his aim if he fires again. Dany meanwhile finally locates him from high above via the troupe of Dothraki charging at him and the general direction the second bolt came from. Determined to take out the threat while BEING SMART (for a change), she takes Drogon above the clouds and smoke, out of sight. Tension. Bronn desperately searches the skies as the Dothraki quickly approach. He's in a trap that he for once doesn't know how to get out of. Desperate and panicking, he instead fires the next bolt at the charging Dothraki troupe. It hits one of them, bringing them crashing down and spooking the horses of two others. Hope, reprieve. No, it's too late. Dany and Drogon, having since emerged from the cloud cover, are diving down straight at him. Drogon's shadow casts over Bronn as he looks up in terror. Drogon roars, his mouth wide and rumbling, fire visibly churning in the black dragon's throat. Jaime, having heard the roar, witnesses the scene from afar and knows it's too late.

    Drogon burns the entire treelined cliffside. Bronn and the Scorpion disentigrate into nothing. RIP.

    And no, no cutaway to a sidelined Tyrion who's standing there with no purpose or meaningful dialogue. And no Bronn sitting on the small council of…Bran the Broken -throws up a little-. After all, he literally served ZERO purpose in all of S8. So nothing is lost, but a major battle scene to cover up the serious writing errors is made significantly better.

    gets off soapbox

  2. Je sais pas pourquoi, mais j'ai toujours imaginer que au moment où Daenerys descendait de son dragon, Jaime tombait amoureux d'elle en la voyant😅

  3. Am so impatient about targeryean prequel that am binge watching dragons scenes and my heart is about to explode with joy

  4. I like to imagine that after this battle, daenerys went straight for king's landing, burned the iron fleet and the unsullied and dohtraki storned the city without killing civilians

  5. This scene always makes me cry cuz I want a dragon so damn bad! They're majestic and glorious and if anyone ever fucks w u….DRACARYS!!!

  6. I love how one minute Drogon flaps his wings quickly and the next it takes him 5.6 seconds to flap them up and down.

  7. I feel like Daenerys should have worn a bit of armor in this scene. I mean, it would have been disastrous if one of those arrows caught her while flying. Plus it would be cool to see her in armor.

  8. I love Tyrion in this. You can tell that he's torn between his family's side, when he looked on to see all those men burning and cursing at Jamie charging at Drogon, and how his face changes when Drogon gets shot and is falling.

  9. It took a 2 seasons for Dany to conquer Slavers Bay and 2 seasons for Dany to take The 7 Fookin Kingdoms of Westeros. Something ain't right.

  10. In older seasons, Bronn would've died and Jamie would've been captured then Dany would have to face her father's murderer and Tyrion would have to plead for Jamie's life.

  11. 8:04 She says "dracarys" like some drunk guy on the streets asked her to say it and he won't leave her alone so she finally just says it once.

  12. I would have liked to have seen Tywin's reaction to the dragon. He's usually always so calm and in control no matter what the circumstances.

  13. Important lesson here if someone played close attention to Robert Baratheon is that you don't want to fight the Dothraki in an open field this is what happens if you didn't listen to him in the first place

  14. Tyrion was rooting for jaimie to win and survive… I dont think he would be very upset if daenerys and drogon would have been killed… Worst hand ever, he just had survive instints

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