Evolution of Mega Man X Games 1993-2019

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Evolution of Mega Man X Games 1993-2019
Mega Man X Evolution is a list video that includes all Mega Man X Games from 1993 to 2019

00:00 Mega Man X 1993
00:38 Mega Man X2 1994
01:27 Mega Man X3 1995
02:06 Mega Man X4 1997
03:08 Mega Man Xtreme 2000
03:17 Mega Man X5 2001
04:27 Mega Man Xtreme 2 2001
04:38 Mega Man X6 2001
05:45 Mega Man X7 2003
06:55 Mega Man X: Command Mission 2004
07:11 Mega Man X8 2004
08:55 Mega Man X Collection 2006
09:04 Mega Man Maverick Hunter X 2006
09:14 Maverick Hunter 2010
09:23 Mega Man X Remake 2011
09:33 Rockman Xover 2012
09:44 Rockman Online 2013
09:52 Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2018
10:11 Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 2018
10:33 Mega Man XDive 2019

by Andrew Louis:
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Evolution of Mega Man X Games 1993-2019

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27 thoughts on “Evolution of Mega Man X Games 1993-2019

  1. We can talk about wich is better a lot and don't find a result, but everybody agree with one thing, x7 is the worst…

  2. This reminds me of those drawings of cats that the guy in the LSD Psychological Experiment drew, how they kept getting creepier and more ornate until they no longer even resembled a cat

  3. X7 was the last time x looked normal. I don’t know what the fuck they was thinking about on x8. His x buster looks like a damn pasta rolling pin with bullets flying out it. Zero all the way fucked up lol.

  4. How come megaman x6 had so much better gameplay and artstyle than x7 wich is just terrible it was a regression not an evolution

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