47 thoughts on “Fastest Way To Level Up TI9 Battle Pass Without Money

  1. I got so sad, that valve also limits the morokai treasure rewards and the achievements are so hard to achieve.

  2. I wish i was able to buy that 100 levels bundle shit, my stupid ass was in low prio so i played other games for a week and i completely missed the opportunity to buy it 💔

  3. Guys noob question here, im new to dota 2 and i recently purchased 2019 collectors cache, my battle pass is now level 2.. my question is, how can i equip the show rewards on level 1 battle pass, such as cursors wards etc..
    Ps: i bought 2 cache and i got tide and grimstroke

  4. So you basically win points by playing the game and doing the achievements… wow! Great info! Dude you simply pointed at things in the battlepass and said how many levels you get from each task… i can read that in the battlepass myself thanks.

  5. The community ain't gonna top the prize pool last year cause they probably spent most of their money ps4 and xbox1 games this past few months hahaha

  6. So is it worth it , can you make the money back from skins and all? Or is it not worth it ? Considering i play it 4-5days a week like 3-4 games in those days

  7. Please help me. Can I play unranked and ranked matches to level up? Is ranked better than unranked? I'm so confused.

  8. We all know, just buy them lvls man, this dont worth ur time.
    I played like 20 games and I am lvl 11. Thats 20 hours of gameplay for nothing essentially.

    24 lvls cost like 8.75… so in 20 hours I made like 4 dollars…. My time is not worth that

  9. Msn im sorry but "fastest way to level up without paying money" but you just list ALL the ways of doing it… and none of it is anything we would not have seen by looking at the battle pass either before or after buying it

  10. Where's another video of comparasion hero based rank 🙁 ?
    if you create that video and choose meta hero will be great, and i'm waiting another ancient skills vs divine/immo skills. thanks for creating those video anyway

  11. battle pass just flooded team with noob players to heroes who have no shit idea how the hero works!! every damn server!! best idea to lvl up fast! party with good players, hit turbo, complete achievment!

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