FIFA19 Lag Fix | How to fix fifa19 lag & stuttering & fps drop (for low end pc)

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In this video you find the solution of fifa19 lag & stuttering & fps drop.

For Nividia Drivers
You do it by going to your desktop — right click — Nvidia control panel — 3D Settings — Program Settings — fifa19.exe — scroll down to Vertical synchronization and choose “Adaptive”.

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34 thoughts on “FIFA19 Lag Fix | How to fix fifa19 lag & stuttering & fps drop (for low end pc)

  1. For nvidia drivers in the vertical sync has only two options 1)On 2)Off it doesnt show adaptive.So what should i choose?

  2. I did everything, it improved my performance but it still lags too much, can't play. I'm using AMD RX550X 2GB. Any ideas?

  3. hello i have a medium build laptop i am playing fifa peacfully for lasr 6 months but suddenly today the lag starts for no reason i checked fps and amd gpu usage it was 100% and fps was 60 but now without plugged in my laptop or plugged in laptop it remains same 25 fps how to fix this
    it is different than normal lag sure

  4. The problem is my FIFA 19 starts to lag after a few matches, my rig doesn't have problems running in 4k @ max settings, but after 3 or 4 matches, it starts dropping the fps, doesn't seem to be the rig problem because other games were fine

  5. Bro i have gtx 1070ti 16gb ram 3000mhz ddr4 i5 9600k , when i play fifa i got lags all the match what should i do ?

  6. Bro pls help me,,,I have 4 gb ram, 2 gb graphics card(Nvidia gt 710) an intel HD graphics but game is crashing …..pls tell the solution

  7. Yo ihave another problem you may know the solution for. Whenever i use right analog stick for dribbles,tactics show up. I have a speedlink gamepad workin perfectly on every other game

  8. Bro I have Core i7-4th Gen (Quad core) with 16 GB Ram and NVIDIA GTX 860M 4GB graphic card. But the game still lags even after changing settings to lowest performance. What should I do???

  9. for nvidia at vertical sync there is no adaptive button. only have global setting, yes and no. which one should i choose?

  10. Bro please tell how to switch your graphics from integrated GPU to dedicated one.
    I have and Radeon vega 8 GFX and dedicated rx560x 4gb

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