Free Modern Background Music 2017 DJ Lutz F

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2:19 min perfect loop possible Free Modern Background Music. Chill, Ambient, Cinematic Music. Free Music No Copyright! DJ Lutz F ROYALTY FREE for your video project and monetised content without receiving a copyright claim!

You have permission to use this in your YouTube videos as long as you credit the artist in the description of your video with the following information:

1.) In your video description MUST stand the following.
♫Music By♫ DJ Lutz F (Free Music No Copyright)

2.) Write a short comment here under this video.
3.) Give the video a thumb up.
4.) Subscribe to my channel.

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MP3 File Sound Quality 320kbs 5,5MB


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13 thoughts on “Free Modern Background Music 2017 DJ Lutz F

  1. Thank you. It is very generous that you put in lots of work and people can use your work for free. Its a selfless act. This is amazing!

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