Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 "The Queen's Justice" w/ Nolan Gould! – Watching Thrones

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Roth Cornet, Michele Boyd, Spencer Gilbert, and special guest Nolan Gould are your Watchers On The Couch. Join forces with them as they discuss everything that happened on S7 E03 – The Queen’s Justice.

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26 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 "The Queen's Justice" w/ Nolan Gould! – Watching Thrones

  1. Especially for an 18 y/o, Nolan Gould did really well. Sure, he did tend to get talked over by the regulars, but that's to be expected, at least to an extent. He held up well, though: he was funny, he knew his stuff and he fit in well.

  2. I'm sure Dany will be quite upset upon learning that she isn't the last Targaryen. BUT…I'm also sure that Jon will allow her to rule the Seven Kingdoms anyway because he does not care for the Iron Throne. He didn't ask to be Lord Commander or King in the North, he's certainly not going to ask for the throne. I'm not saying that's how it's going to happen, just how he'll respond to all this.

  3. Dany can't have kids any more…her worth as a queen is definitely not between her legs. she can't actually further a dynasty or her family name…Circe is getting past it as well so neither side can realistically offer a stable long term future.
    The iron throne and the seven kingdoms are broken and it's not gonna be put back together.
    The night king will probably decimate the land and population…he could even win.
    Like jon said it doesn't matter who sits on the stupid uncomfortable chair, it wont matter who is wearing a crown or what long winded list of titles they have.
    winter is here.

  4. I thought the actress who played Ellaria Sand sold that scene so well. She had no lines, but her expressions were heartbreaking.

  5. Gah. This is so frustrating. I want Roth's perspective on stuff and no one lets her speak. Please do one of these on your own the other guys so really annoying.

  6. how no one getting the grey scale is in effect easy to cure but doing it is massively dangerous! the only maester who had the balls try suceeded but he died of grayscale!!!! any contact with gray scale transfers it

  7. the mad king had a serious thing for joanna lanister in the books so tyrion is targarian isn't to far off, the mad king did cross line during there bedding cermony in the books

  8. You have to also remember that Bran was prematurely activated. He was given the 3 eyed Raven's powers in one huge dump due to the wights invading the cave before they were ready for them. The plan was to teach Bran, but unfortunately they had to flee instead. I think there's even dialogue about how he's struggling to process/master his new abilities.

  9. The maid, who knocks on Cersei's door has short hair. Did we see women with short hair in Kings Landing before? Makes me wonder, if all female staff have had to cut their hair short because Cersei's was cut ?

  10. I think that the girl who serves cersei after Jaime and cersei's sex scene might be arya. The way the girl looks over at Jaime is almost the same as the way arya looked at Jaime in the twins before she killed Walter Frey…. I'm okay with being wrong but I think this might be interesting

  11. About Bran's freaky wedding night comment. I actually think he is seeing Sansa in a future wedding where she is actually happy of.
    Also I think bran brought that up because last time Sansa and him were together was when she was first headed to kings landing and she would only talk about her being excited to marry Geoffrey.

  12. You know what I want  for this show and I know it won't happen I want Jorah and Dany to reunite and passionate make love and then have Jorah die in a blaze of mother fucking glory. I want Tryion  to ride a dragon and burn mother fuckers. I want Sam to fight a few White Walkers  and then take a few arrows to the chest and maybe one to the knee. Have I read the books? Not yet but still I have hopes.

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