27 thoughts on “GAME OF THRONES: "Season 7" Trailer 2 (Extended) 2017

  1. the wicked queen has a weapon to kill the dragons, I must prepare myself in the event that happens…. as well as those who are her allies…. I was not prepared for the last episode of Spartacus… and its still hard to watch….. but it taught me to remember that anything and anyone can die…..I would hate to see the dragon (s) die-but who will kill the nightwalkers? fire is needed to kill them

  2. anyone else feel like the magic is gone? i used to be obsessed with the damn show…now, after the long layoff…almost don't give a shit…almost don't remember how much i loved the show….what the fuck HBO

  3. SPOILERS: …..

    Littlefinger's starts at 2:53 –  After watching the trailer a few times, Littlefinger smiles in the Crypts of Winterfell after sending Jon Snow, then Littlefinger sends in an ambush to kill Jon, which is stopped by a counter-ambush – and ultimately Jon Snow strangles Littlefinger (who will probably be killed by Sansa, after she warns Jon about going into the Crypts with Littlefinger.)  That's a lot to give away in one Trailer!

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