37 thoughts on “Halloween (2007)

  1. Is this the theatrical cut or directors? I know the scene with Michael escaping smiths grove is in the directors cut but the ending is the theatrical edition.

  2. I like when Michael kills bob because when bob passes Michael it’s just like when little Michael killed Steve
    The way bob walked passed Michael was just like when Michael was a kid and followed Steve through the house until he killed him
    They even used the same sound effect when bob passed him in the hallway

  3. Anybody else realize he’s the same character in “Hancock” with the same exact name 😂 just with a French accent lol

  4. For those who don’t know, the actress who plays Annie in this played Jamie loyd who was Lauri’s daughter in the return of Michael Myers and revenge of Michael Myers.
    And the guy who plays Leigh bracket in this movie is the same guy who voices Chucky.

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