[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] | Move the tray with water!! Who is the betrayer?! (ENG SUB)

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“RUNNINGMAN” which is aired in Korea On NOVEMBER 3rd, 2019. EP. 475

Move the tray with water!! Who is the betrayer?!

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30 thoughts on “[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] | Move the tray with water!! Who is the betrayer?! (ENG SUB)

  1. Kinda disappointed with the fans rn, if you're really a fan of RM you should know that this is normal to them. They have been together for years and then u guys showed up frickin judging them. Tbh u guys are the one that is being toxic.

  2. Wow, look at the hatred of the comments toward SJH lmao Not every SJH's fans are 'toxic' like y'all assumed. In fact, a lot of us understand that JSJ tried to took care of her. So, please🙄 And to those who thought JSJ is being annoying, guys, he just tried to help her and running man is this kind of show where the suspected tried to accuse the others, so chill 👏🏻

  3. Ji Seok Jin "Its Jihyo!" Jiho tries to tell she's not the greedy pig "Its Jihyo!"

    Also Ji Seok Jin "Why you didn't explain?"

    Im so mad yet laughing at the same time

  4. Am i the only one who immediately click upon seeing this coz I think I saw Joo hyuk oppa but it was just Ji suk jin. Oh my 2D1N heart 😭😭😭😭

  5. Why is it always somin to do the spy role . Im a little disappointed 😑. My song jihyo never get the role so her screentime is slowly fading .

  6. If Ji Hyo had been stronger in her defence when others attacked her instead of saying nothing, things would have turned out to be different. Se Chan asked her if she was the spy but she kept mum. KJK and Haha both suspected So Min as the spy but JH again remained mum. Just poor game overall. No wonder So Min and the comedian got away with it. So Min didn't overreact when accused and just went with the flow. Finally, the one who acts most normal in the circumstances wins and So Min was able to do that convincingly.

  7. I don't get Ji Hyo fans. Ji Hyo can punch Seok Jin in the head when he is so much older than her. KJK had to remind her his age before she apologised. But her fans love her for that. But when Seok Jin drops some water on Ji Hyo, all hell breaks loose. Such toxic fans! They only care about JH, not for the show or any of the other members. Ji Seok Jin was the only member to wish her publicly on her birthday this year. That man has a heart of gold.

  8. I miss the old cast, i miss gary. I miss how he always have ji hyo's back and he sometimes get betrayed by her because of that. I love their bond back then. Remember when they cross han river with their paper boats ? That episode was heart warming and i cried for the first in watching variety shows. In my preference, i wish even if they added new cast, ji hyo should have remained the only girl.

  9. After reading comment, WOOOOWww… 🙈
    You know why most of rm fans (neutral fans) think sjh have the most toxic fans? Its because a little of you (yeah, you! That claim yourself sjh fans). I know most of sjh fans was very nice and know rm just variety show and always support sjh in good way but because a little of you that always claim as sjh fans make sjh look bad. Yes, its you!! Its You that always claim yourself sjh fans. Who is the victim?? Not other members or people that you blame. You know what?? The victim is SJH. So, if a little of you really sjh fans, please be mature and make sjh know as celebrity that have the nicest fans not toxic fans (dont be shaman and act like know everything that sjh thinking and blame other members)
    Just reminder!! Runningman is variety show.

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