How to Connect to the Internet in Windows® XP PC

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If you are looking for the steps to connect a Windows® XP based PC to the Internet, Take note that, you can easily connect your computer to the Internet. Now, all that is required of you is that you follow a few simple steps.
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50 thoughts on “How to Connect to the Internet in Windows® XP PC

  1. What fucking ISP password and username? What the F even is that? Why do I fucking need it? When I plug in my cable on my windows 10 pc IT JUST WORKS. What is all this bullcrap you need to just get a win xp CONNECTED.

  2. I use my D-Link wireless adapter after installing it asks for the name of the network (SSID) and wireless password and I'm in. I think the way she says you should plug into the router and enter it's password and name or their may be a another password inside the router for setting up your account, log into your router and look around.

  3. The thing that boils me is MS! Microsoft just expects people to have so much extra $ laying around. Okay guys, at 1 point I was Comptia MSCE as a credit to my name but this is what really bothers me to no return. I can completely understand that what MS is attempting to do is begin a technological movement into the future and thats fine pretty cool really but what they wont tell you is that if you could use a water raft as a metaphor of this future Windows movement to the future where the problem lives is that there is ONLY so much room on the "rafts" that transport PC user into this technological future and as far as for what happens to the poor guys that weren't able to find any space on this raft the attitude is; Oh No no lets not throw them a life preserve or flotation device of ANY sort to help our fellow techie person there is this foul attitude like "gotta go gotta go fast ..push them off the side of the future raft and maybe laugh ,turn away and NEVER look back! Its a sad reality of how money drives everything in our economy today ESPECIALLY Windows 😉

  4. I want to connect Wi-Fi internet to windows XP computer, so what I do to connect Wi-Fi internet . Mam plz comment

  5. What i can do if i want to use wireless connection such as WiFi or any hotspot….? I have only local are network option not wireless option in my pc plzzzzzzzz help me 😔😔

  6. Apparently Windows XP is Not Supported Anymore? Still will go through these Steps to Prove the problem still Exists probably. 😒 If this Works I'll be Surprised?

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