12 thoughts on “How to get Gadgets in Windows 10 + MacOs Dock

  1. I had those windows gadgets on windows 7 like weather etc., question, can their size be made bigger? I like when windows and fonts can be customed resized as prefered. All the developers out there should damn start to add HD fonts for 1920x1080p and beyond! It's like when u play Skyrim at 4k and the ENB Profile's fonts are too tiny too read coz it does not scale up to 4K. I have read in net, that's so coz those apps don't support sth which windows uses for scaling up the windows fonts, I forgot its name. I just hate/rage those none-HD tiny fonts.

    *Edit: Ah nvm, there I've seen the "Display: Size %" can be customized, nice.

  2. Actually had rocketdock setup like that for many months just from seeing one of your videos and thinking how clean it looked. Have since stopped as i routed all my programs to hotkeys. But
    Gonna setup this usage meter. thanks for the vid as usual

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