How To Make Facecam Border in Photoshop CS6 | Tutorial

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the first video on the new TPI channel! In this video we are learning how to make a facecam border to make your videos look a little more professional.

If I skipped any steps, or wasn’t specific on something and you need help, please drop a comment below and I will do my best to help you out.

If you learned anything at all with this tutorial, please be sure to hit the like and “Survive” button to help this channel out and to see any new tutorials that come out from us.


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26 thoughts on “How To Make Facecam Border in Photoshop CS6 | Tutorial

  1. Not sure if anyone is still in the comments of this video but sometimes when I use the pen tool to select the inside corners to make the inside transparent it doesn't work and sometimes it does?

  2. If you are using a MAC use "command" every time he says "control"…

    otherwise thanks for the video i really appreciate the effort. for my first time i had to pause and switch back and forth hundreds of times but the concept was explained well enough that i got it done for a beginner CS6 user.

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