How will Haha React? Will He be Surprised?! [Running Man Ep 430]

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46 thoughts on “How will Haha React? Will He be Surprised?! [Running Man Ep 430]

  1. Couple Ep
    Suk jin and his wife
    Jae suk and his wife
    HaHa and Byul
    Jong kook and Ji hyo
    Se chan and So min
    Kwang soo and Sun bin

  2. Let's make this special episode:

    Jaesuk, HaHa, SukJin, Kwangsoo, Jongkook & SeChan


    Na Kyung Eun (Jaesuk's wife), Byul (HaHa's wife), Ryu Su Jung (SukJin's wife), Lee Sun Bin, Song Jihyo & Jeon Somin

  3. When a wife and husband look alike, that marriage is for a lifetime. But doesnt it mean that they are attracted to themselves?

  4. She looks like the main actress from that modern empress/emperor drama (sorry idk what her name is, pls don’t attack me :/)

  5. Well what if next time Haha, Jaesuk, sukjin's wife, and Sunbin come to running man as guest? Somin and Sechan, Jong kook and Jihyo, Sunbin and Kwangsoo (But I Thing It will be awkward for them, idk), and Haha with his wife, jaesuk too, and sukjin too they do couple race? (Well i'm sorry i know my english is bad)

  6. Haha's expression is that of a tired-ass husband who is wondering if the sudden presence of his wife is a good sign or bad sign. Lmao

  7. Can someone explain to me why can't celebrities wear anything without any logos or brands in their shirts? its just bothers me every time i watch RM and I see the Nat Geo or the NBA logo blocked in masking tape. Why not wear any shirt without a logo on it? Is that really hard to do?

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