I Tried To Collect EVERY BLOCK In Survival Minecraft

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I figured a fun project for my survival world would be a display of every single Minecraft Block, in alphabetical order. I didn’t realise just how much work that really entails though!

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42 thoughts on “I Tried To Collect EVERY BLOCK In Survival Minecraft

  1. I dont think this is a big accomplishment. I have a storage system with all stackable items (amost 700), i had to gather them al including mob heads and really special stuff. I would like to see a video in wich you gather al stackable items

  2. Wait what about wood? Not logs, wood. The 6-faced bark blocks. (I'm at around 19 minutes so sorry if he figures that out later)

  3. What do you use to record your footage? I too have an xbox one and I'm pretty sure you cant record voice audio with its built in recording function

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