IELTS Vocabulary Practice – Towns and Cities

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Watch the video to learn about vocabulary connected to towns and cities. This could be useful for a part 1 or 2 speaking questions which asks you to “Describe your hometown” or Talk about a city you have visited”.

I will show you the vocabulary and give a brief explanation of the words. Take notes and think about how you can use these words in sentences to answer IELTS speaking questions.

Example Part 1 Questions:
Describe your hometown.
What do you like about your hometown?
What is something that you dislike about your hometown?
What is the best way to travel around your hometown?

Example Part 2 Topic Card:
Describe a city you have visited which impressed you.
You should say …
Where it is located.
Why you visited that place.
What there is to see there.
And explain why you liked that place so much.

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