iPhone 7 Screen Replacement shown in 5 minutes

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BLACK iPhone 7 Screen:
WHITE iPhone 7 Screen:
Here is the Y000 zero bit:
Pentalobe screw drivers:
Green Pry tool:
Phone opening metal tool:

Let me know if any of those links stop working!!! or if you need another part.

IF YOU NEED THE iPHONE 7 PLUS screen repair video:

Phones break. Cant always avoid it. This video shows I replace the screen on my own iPhone 7. Its always easier to repair something after you know what to expect, and you’ve seen it before. Remember you attempt ALL repairs at your own risk.

The iPhone 7 is a tricky phone to work on. It opens up from the side, instead of the top, and the ribbons are SUPER fragile. The Home button is also fragile, as many people attempting this repair have not been successful in swapping the home button to a new device. I will keep you updated on what causes that here in this video description.

The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
And this Metabones adapter:

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39 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Screen Replacement shown in 5 minutes

  1. Thanks for the video….amazingly I managed to change the screen and it worked…..!! BUT you need the patience of a saint, eyes like an ostrich and ant man to help you with the bloody tiny screws. Next time I'm paying a repair guy to do it and my daughter's paying. Anyway, couldn't have done it without this video at all, CHEERS!!!

  2. Sir my brother gave me a i7 and when i opened phone my home button got deattached and i dont know where to connect as in your vedio 2:58 you deattached you home button from another port i can find that port on my screws this is my problem

  3. Hello, this video was verry usefull for me,however, the phone worked at the test, after i close it the home button is not working anymore(before closing worked), its not recognising the sim, its not playing any video music sound anything,and the front camera does not work(does not affect me so much as the sim problem) You have any knowledge about this problems?

  4. Thank you very much only the video wasnt registred in original time so has been cuted few times was very explained and helped me to repair my iphone have nice time

  5. Tip: when plugging the wide ribbon cable connecters back, don't push in the middle, just apply pressure on each side, one at a time, to avoid bending it.

  6. Just watched your video and it was super helpful! My new screen works great. Also, just a tip for other folks new to your video tutorial: When I first reattached the connectors to my new screen and performed a 'test run' (prior to screwing in the shielding brackets), as you suggest in your video, my phone didn't turn on. I was totally disappointed, but decided to just move forward, screw in the brackets, and finish the project. Lo and behold, once the phone was fully assembled, it turned on fine. So I'm glad I didn't stop at the testing step.

  7. if you open phone and you raplace screen after that you still need adhesive to put screen back in its own place? or is it good to just press it dawn?

  8. i just replaced mine, and the home button still works fine. i noticed the phone in this video is jet black while mine is matte black.
    thanks for the video!

  9. Hey , You were extremely detailed n I appreciate it , Bt I Believe that I'm goin 2 go ahead n take a Xanax . Bt Thank You tho .

  10. If the screen is not turning on when you put it back together, try a hard reset (press and hold the Sleep/Wake button + Volume Down button for 10 seconds). Sometimes the phone doesn't realize it has a hardware and needs a hard reset.

  11. I had the same issue happen to my sons phone where they said they couldn't repair the phone because of the home button. I ended up having to pay for a whole new phone.

  12. So this comment is coming from a iPhone 7 that I bought for 20 bucks with a cracked screen I slapped a replacement screen for 30 bucks, in total I got a iPhone 7 for 50 bucks

  13. can anyone tell me if i need to replace the adhesive? from what JRE said it's not structural, ordering a replacement screen today..

  14. a lot of thing you missed… how about saying something about the home button being glued on and not just there ???

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