Is Dragon Nest Worth it in 2019?!?!

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Time Stamps at the bottom.

This time me and @LegalOverDose Revisit Dragon Nest R. This was my first time ever playing it. Dragon Nest came out in 2012 and you would be surprised at what we think about this game.

If you guys enjoyed us Playing Dragon Nest comment below and we will pick up where we left off in this revisit and post it for you all

Gameplay Starts at 6:00
Meet up with Legal at 11:14
Entering first run at 14:03
Entering second run at 22:10
Entering Third run at 28:25
Our First Master Run LUL at 36:43
Our second try but on hard 45:02
Final Run at 53:23

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21 thoughts on “Is Dragon Nest Worth it in 2019?!?!

  1. The support for the last episode was amazing thank you all so much ! Feel free to leave some feedback in the comments and are you playing dragon nest? Tell us what we’re missing out on or what we’re doing wrong. Also here are some time stamps like comment subscribe

    Gameplay Starts at 6:00
    Meet up with Legal at 11:14
    Entering first run at 14:03
    Entering second run at 22:10
    Entering Third run at 28:25
    Our First Master Run LUL at 36:43
    Our second try but on hard 45:02
    Final Run at 53:23

  2. Coming from someone who have played this game for a significant amount of time until I think level cap 95 rune-dn/labyrinth patch, this game isn't worth playing as it's heavily P2W (atleast in my time), now I'm not sure what has changed after I left but I'd reckon you can't even enjoy this game's entire PvE side (especially nesting) let alone go on public runs without high-tier (epic) costumes which is locked behind a funny RNG paywall, these things which should only be cosmetic or provide low advantage over those without one have become so important that I'd recall getting most of my stats on them around 2.5M AP and even mounts would give you FA. If nothing had changed in atleast how you attain costumes and its ridiculous stat boosts then forget about it. Game had good potential with its combat system, such a shame lol.

  3. I visited their forum and find it quite dead. Only 2-3 person put up a post in a month. That pretty much makes me wonder if the game is dead too.

  4. I played this game and really loved it some point. No online ARPG can top the fun I had with the Acrobat class. Semi quit this game at level 60 and did non stop PVP. When I got to 2100+ rating, I was satisfied and called it quits.

  5. Dragon Nest EU Guild – Legendary
    #1 40cap Sea Dragon Clear
    #1 60cap DDN Clear
    #2 70cap BNN Clear
    by 80 cap we all joined different guilds but a lot of us were the first to clear RDN.
    Thousands of hours on this game and so much fun, it's a shame they never really put a proper effort into developing content for it after 70cap, just tried to cash grab people with skins/p2w gear and reskinning old monsters, not too mention how they completely broke the balancing of classes over and over again. 40 – 70 cap were some great times, I'll never forget how much practice we put in to get that server first for DDN, I miss you DN. <3

  6. My first MMO. Idk it may be dead, but the PVP and the combat is a BLAST. Fucking great ass combat system and combo and shit.

  7. I mean I still play it and I still have my account, it's just you're probably better than everyone else if you're a spin-off class, which, well, I got all of them and are planning to max them all.

    I wanna be broken and rekt

  8. when the transfer happened to new host my old account got deleted I was actually part of the guild name mango reminds me of good memories so i made a new acc got max then i just stop playing the game now but if i do play it be on DN sea and I noticed us servers were dead when I hopped on during this October there was no one like 5 or 2 in the main town

  9. The thing about this game is that it is so fun to play with friends or other people. Most don't play this anymore and if you can't join an active guild to play with, it just becomes dull.

  10. Here in philippines no more player play this game … Hmm i think its not totally really dead totally but it looks like they are dead in the peoples mind here.
    Because of MOBA GAMES now .. Because u dont need to go in internet shop to play in MOBA GAMES u can play it everywhere and anywhere so.maybe this game are dead in the people's mind. And me too i also forgot my account i have 10 max level but im sorry i really forgot my account because of MOBA GAMES like MOBILE LEGENDS…. BYE BYE DRAGONEST

  11. To people who are considering playing DN SEA
    1. It's not Pay2Win, you can get cash items from the events very easily
    2. Leveling is easy
    3. DN SEA has a decent population, it's not DEAD yet
    4. All classes got good DPS

  12. End game review please ( pve-nest , pvp – combat system) on SEA server. i let you borrow one of my account with maxed lvl to try pvp.

  13. Definitely still worth it. Come to CN server if you can find a language patch, 'cause we got over 200k active players over here, and recent 9th year anniversary event brought even more new/returning players to this game, super active and not dead.

  14. Video length 1:03:31
    Everything is time stamped except the title. At what point/time do we find out if the game is worth it?

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