30 thoughts on “King Arthur – The Role Playing Wargame (PC) – Battle Gameplay [HD]

  1. can you play skirmish matches in this game … anyone I need the answer to decide if I would buy this game or not

  2. I don't know, King arthur was from the briton period when the romans were on england fighting against the saxons. Those armors are both early and late medieval technology, not roman (much less saxon)

  3. yes but in BFME your enemy just goes true oure units and atacks your buildings
    BUT THE EDAIN MOD LOOKS SO GOOD to bad the game is broken and noone plays it online

  4. Whoa, running uphill with all that armor. I wonder if they had someone running around giving their knights water just before engaging with the enemy in real life back then.

  5. So much running… Everytime I click somewhere on the timer, I see and hear people running. Almost no battle. That´s why I like BFME series. Smaller maps, more strategy and building.

  6. I wish something like this (fantasy based) was out with different looking units to different factions you could play as.

  7. I have King Arthur Collection – King Arthur, King Arthur II + Dead Legions DLC, King Arthur Fallen Champions , So add me on Steam : virtueclan (TF2 heavy picture and name PrOfI) or send me Email danilos97@hotmail.com …

  8. I'll have to check it out. The first game was horribly imbalanced though: you'd be pretty much unstoppable if you got a hero with soul mirror, storm of avalon and went Seelie (and got the upgrades that made them stronger AND invisible in storm). And then there's that spell that would let you teleport your whole army a long distance (or individual teleports ANYWHERE for well seasoned units). Fully upgraded cleave (coupled with artifacts that let you attack multiple enemies) was also OP.

  9. It's very flawed (numerous bugs, typos and horribly imbalanced) but it can be fun if you have the right hero/army composition.

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