Link Photos Between Lightroom and Photoshop

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In this video, I will show you how to link photos between Photoshop and Lightroom.

This technique will allow Photoshop to reflect any changes made to the RAW file in Lightroom.

Also, since I normally don’t get to teach Lightroom, I spend some time going over some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts that you can use while developing your photos. To be frank with you, I may have given way too many shortcuts, but I still hope that you find them useful.

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47 thoughts on “Link Photos Between Lightroom and Photoshop

  1. You talk about too many shortcuts, without shourcuts this video would be 2 minutes long. you better a separate video on shortut…

  2. Thank you for this great technique! But if I must to do destructive edits in Photoshop, how the workflow changes? Should I back the picture to Lightroom or save JPG from Photoshop? As I understand that it's not possible to keep Raw-file in that case, but what should I use TIFF or PSD? Can you please make a video about that option? And thank you again! 🙂

  3. If you have no changes in Photoshop after changing in Lightroom (Photoshop thinking a few seconds but switch to beginning picture), try to press 'edit content' in linked object in Photoshop, than press ok in Camera Raw. After that it starts to work as it should and updates automatically. I think it some kind of bug, but this small operation fix that, at least in my case.

  4. Just watched your video about linking images between LR and PS. Once linked, do the changes in photoshop translate back to the raw file in LR? Or do the PS changes just get saved as a tiff or psd file? Are the two files linked forever? Thanks.

  5. Hi. Does that work in reverse as well? Lets say I want to use one of the Tools from PS, can I use it and have it applied to photo and see the change in LR? If not, is there a way to do so? Thanks a bunch.

  6. whats that in 06:08 i cant understand that :/ actually, i am new here 🙂
    can u plz say !
    i have done everything as u taught .. but its not getting the lightroom effects to photoshop ! after giving effects in lightroom and switching to photoshop .. its just loading for a while ( 10 seconds ) and remaining the same :/ with no changes !
    and does'nt displays that overwrite settings box too ! 🙁
    someone plz respond 🙁 if not +photoshop training channel !

  7. Great video and I successfully linked a file in LR and PS. I hit a problem when I tried to edit the photoshop file using the lasso tool. I found that the fill tab/ content aware was greyed out and I had to unlink the files to work on this. That then meant that the LR file Is not changed as I want it to be. Is there a way to do this without having to save the file and then reopen it as a new file in LR?


  8. This is guy is embedding your video on his site. Maybe you don't mind but I don't think he's giving you the credit.

  9. How did you pull up the two panels that included Lightroom and Photoshop, side by side? You hit something so quickly that I never noticed where you were clicking even though you showed it about six times.

  10. Thanks for some tips like the linking, just remember that most of small keyboard shortcuts are QWERTY compatible, it may not work in the rest of the world 😊 😊

  11. Great tutorial! Will this link work there other way? Will saving the changes in the linked Photoshop work area be added to the XML file in Lightroom?

  12. I have the latest version of Photoshop 2015.5.1 yet I have no place command under the file menu. Is your version an older version?

  13. Using the + and – keys or the up arrow and down arrows keys is a good tip. I'm a bit ham-fisted with the mouse and tend to go too far when trying to make small adjustments. Thanks.

  14. Thanks. Very useful to know this. In LR I often open multiple images as layers in PS. Ctrl+S saves the edits back into LR. If you make changes in LR and then continue editing in PS, when you save again it overwrites any changes you made to the file previously in LR. Is there any way to link them both ways so they update together? Hope I've explained clearly…

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  16. Thanks for the great tips. Does the link work in CS6 with Lightroom 6.6.1. I not able to find the "Place links" command on CS6.

  17. I got a bit confused, If I make a preset adjustment for example(in LR), and then I edit in Photoshop, isn't that going to open the already retouched photo in Photoshop? The shortcuts were great and new for me!

  18. BTW – this actually works back and forth: if you apply changes to the linked object in Photoshop via Camera Raw you can import those changes back into Lightroom via Metadata > Import from file.

  19. Thanks, very useful info. But – I guess – this only works with the 'original' raw file. I usually keep the 'original' raw file untouched and only work with virtual copies to have a set of versions to select from. Do you know a way to make this work with a virtual copy?

  20. Great stuff but while adjustments are synced in photoshop,  can any adjustments done in photoshop in this situation also affect the original in Lightroom?

  21. Great video. I do several PS and LR training with kelbyone, but have never once been shown all these shortcuts in LR, nor the amazing link between the files in PS and LR. I'm sure there is even more you can accomplish by being able to link the files. Thanks very much. Great tutorial!

  22. Dumb question but, how are you able to view raw files on windows? I'm on win 10 and all the files just have .dng icons when looking at them in the file explorer

    Please and thanks! 🙂

  23. Fabulous tutorial, Jesus! You should do a class on Lr! I have looked all over and finally did one at which stunk! I learned more useful information in this short tutorial. This was so helpful! Thanks a lot!

  24. Good info thanks. I noticed that your options for opening an image from lr as a layer in photoshop are grey. Mine are too .
    Could you address this and how to overcome this issue in another tutorial?

  25. Thanks so much for making this video! Lots of information and easy to follow. I haven't used Lightroom as yet, but previously I had always assumed it was limited to just editing RAW and exporting; but now I have a better understanding of the true capabilities.

  26. It would have been better to make two short videos because the title does say nothing about shortcuts but most of the video is about shortcuts

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