Minecraft: TNT VS PLANET EARTH!!! – Mini-Game

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TNT VS PLANET EARTH!!! Let’s do this!!
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In this 1.12 TNT VS EARTH Mini-Game:
Time to blow up 5 epic structures! They start small, but we must work are way up to blowing up planet earth!

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39 thoughts on “Minecraft: TNT VS PLANET EARTH!!! – Mini-Game

  1. Pat my dad will probably have a very amazed reaction if he new you haven't watched star wars or what ever it was

  2. There's a channel that I'm unsure of named: Popular MMo's. Not sure you know them they have been reposting your videos and I'm not certain they have permision to be using them for there own they might be taking credit, I just wanted to say, maybe its just someone you know or has your perms.

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