46 thoughts on “[MongJi'sHouse] Song Ji Hyo and Yoo Jae Suk- Candy Couple cute 2

  1. Jae suk just an oppa for ji hyo unni.. Jae suk is the type of person that care for everybody.. he also the one who ship the Spartace couple.. when they in one team they become strong n smart.. long live Jae suk.. such a good leader..

  2. i still watch the old RNM still make me laugh SJH she is amazing until now she still the best and the same SJh she was love and care

  3. I really miss Candy Alliance😭 I miss gangster ji hyo, angry ji hyo and mong ji😭 I miss the interaction between the member and Ji hyo💔😭

  4. I feel sad because in the latest episode jaesuk calls her ji hyo ssi instead of ji hyo ah. I hope they are still very close.

  5. I don't ship them as a couple but i like how jaesuk protect jihyo. I love their oppa-dongsaeng relationship. I also like how jaesuk teases jihyo and gary before and now teases jihyo to jongkook. I'm sure he knows a lot between the two ㅋㅋ

  6. I don’t know y but i feel that after the entry of new member they both don’t talk much and most of the time they stay away from each other everybody says that song ji hyo don’t talk much but in previous ep u can see that see talk alot and communicate with every member but something is off now between all of them.

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