1. Game: requires you to read notes to know how to beat the game
    Wade: reading notes to get the best understanding of whats going on
    Mark: "who reads notes? notes are for losers!"

  2. So at the end of the game when it said "a couple died it was descoverd by a pizza dealivery guy" am i the only one that realized its talking about Emily wants to play

  3. something that really conserns me and this is coming from someone who has got to the end before is that they dont know anything about the gam3

  4. I’m just waiting for the girl to just jump from Marks shoulders and kill them all and I just thought of something this game is a prequel sequel to Emily wants to play because the guys voice said a pizza delivery boy in a house where a couple was murdered

  5. its been 10:00 minutes since they started and they have not figured out that they need to burn the possesed babies

  6. Looking forward to the endings all lead to: get the girl experimented, or you'll be the one experimented on if you burn her ( your " boss " stuck you in the same caged room with demonic possessed doll )
    So by looking to save the girl he saved his ass and by asking to burn the girl they could have just finished into a science experimental thing

  7. Wait a minute…

    Couple died…Wither's residence…creepy dolls…pizza delivery man?

    Is Pacify in the same universe as Emily Wants to Play?

    I love Shawn Hitchcock, adding lore & expanding his universe, A+ Shawn, A freakin' +!

  8. "There was a house that a couple died in'" then they said something about a pizza man if you didnt catch on that's Emily Wants To Play

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