Om Nom Stories: Video Blog – Cooking Time (Cut the Rope)

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Om Nom decided to start his own video blog! But as usual, things got a bit out of hand… Watch cute monster’s latest adventures and don’t forget to give him a “like”!

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37 thoughts on “Om Nom Stories: Video Blog – Cooking Time (Cut the Rope)

  1. Маєш 10 секунд? -Зайди до нас на канал, і підтримай український блог ♥️
    Дитячі розпаковки іграшок і не тільки,розпаковки з косметики/одягу /взуття, з аліекспресс .
    Кожного тижня, буде з’являтись нове відео ❤️

  2. And that was close om nelle got so mad then she saw the cookies as a stack theres a lot of cookies om nom is a good baker you should watch this😉

  3. Om nom kind of made a mess but a lot of cookies they look so yummy i want to try them their so round and swirl and how did om nom made thoose

    That was close also om nelle got so mad then she saw the cookies as a stack😰😀🎯

  4. 1:48 Annoying Orange: hey candy!
    Candy: what
    Orange: knife(hands)
    Candy: huh? (Gets chopped from Om nom) AAAAAA!
    Orange: whoa ouch (slienced as Om nom chops the candy)
    Orange: looks like you're fallen to pieces (laughs)
    Candy: Arghh!

  5. Step 1: add a whole lot of sugar
    Step 2: add a little bit of water
    Step 3: when turn on the stove, mix the sugar and water, if your hand hurts from mixing use the other hand
    Step 4: if your too lazy to do it ask your girlfriend to do it (just like Om Nom did by asking Om Nelle)
    Step 5: once it’s all orange and bubbly, turn off your stove
    Step 6: make sure you use your mittens to take it off
    Step 7: dump out the dough on two plates (after Om Nom puts the pot down find the hidden object)
    Step 8: try and put red icing on one of them
    Step 9: roll both of them
    Step 10:twist them together and then you roll them
    Step 11: chop them and chop them more until they all look like the same size
    Step 12: make sure your girlfriend sees a mess in the kitchen (like Om Nelle did)
    Step 13: show the candy to your girlfriend, you’ve been forgiven

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