38 thoughts on “PACIFY – Emilia Wants To Play

  1. If some of these games didn't have your commentary you literally could just cutt them down to like a minute video. thanks for making it a little less boring

  2. Omg this entire video was hilarious, from the cardboard boxes to the van ontop fence to bullying the possessed child, to the plastic doll jokes, to how he read every letter lmao hahahahahaha
    John u have thousands of friends btw!!!!!! Pick one us lmao it's going to be gr8 content for a two player game hahahahahaha

  3. I really want to see you complete the game even if you have to do it multiplayer! I loved watching this one, especially with the commentary. “Come here you little shit!” I cracked up but still loved the horror suspense. Definitely want to see all nine dolls collected.

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