[PES 2016] Gameplay Match using Patch PTE 7.0

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This is a PES 2016 full match using the Unofficial PTE Patch 7.0 🙂 I used Estarlen Silva Stadium v 2, FIFA Graphic menu for PES 2016, Yaku Gameplay and the new features of the Patch PTE 7.0 by “Pes Patch 16 ™”. I hope you will enjoy this match, and let me know your opinion of this match in the comments section 😀

► PTE patch 7.0 Download and Install for the PES 2016:

► How to Install FIFA Graphic Menu Tutorial:

► Stadiums Pack v 2 by Estarlen Silva:

► Chants Pack V 2 Tutorial Video:

► Change Music of PES 2016 Tutorial:

► Alex Final Gameplay Tutorial video:


► My Website:

► My facebook Page:

► PTE Team Blog website:

►Credits: PTE patch Team, Pes Patch 16 ™, Jesus HRS, Estarlen Silva, Mauri_d, Konami..

I hope you will enjoy this Online match , if you do please like this video, comment and subscribe to my channel 🙂

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49 thoughts on “[PES 2016] Gameplay Match using Patch PTE 7.0

  1. always looking through pass twice.
    Im really stressed when facing com with that way, i mean you have to through pass twice then score a goal, when you just made one through pass, you won't make some goal, XD

  2. Hello, I come here to represent the Brazilian friends to thank Patch TEP, and come here warn you that I made an issue 7.1 it is already added the 7.0 update files, where I added new logos on shirts and a new FIFA 17 menu and fixes some players with the white hand and face. I have baptized with the name and PTE 7.1 will warn the description of my video that is not official PTE site, most leave the description all the credit to his team. Thank you a super fan of yours. Take care. 🙂

  3. when i use the tattoo cpk file with the staduim v2 pack, the etihad staduim doesnt work, either it just keep loading or the game stop.. pls help

  4. Hello Del Choc .
    I did everything as it is in Video Patch PTE 7.0 and went well , however enter the game normally and when I go to edit or even play some keeper of some teams have failed sweatshirts precisely in the neck .
    What can I do to correct the error ?

  5. Do u have any idea whether PTE team will release updated transfers patch..? IF not i'll manually do it.. but it takes hell lot of time..

  6. thanks and istalarlo this great but could I install with templates say that the goalkeeper evil are front but the rest is good as well just make modifications club by club thanks so continuous that this other patch you later

  7. Hi do you know how to make text during videos Like this one "In this match i play Man United as one of you suggested me :)" ?

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