3 thoughts on “Phantom Dencer/Split push Nasus build Is worth to try!!! [ Nasus montage]

  1. Would reccomend ditching the zz'rot/ohmwrecker and building Talisman of Ascension first. Every part of that item is great for Nasus. Cheap early cdr, lots of gold, movement speed passive + active and armor … This is after the rune changes ofc, so Kleptomancy is great for this.
    I build Ancient coin + beads first… then I upgrade it and buy Sheen early. After that I go Talisman > Triforce > Mercs/Tabi > Phantom Dancer > Deaths Dance > Steraks/Maw. It is a fun build, great for both splitpush, and if you're ahead, excellent Team Fight or 1 vs. 3-5 build, but probably not that good above a certain ELO, mid Gold or something … However, with Steraks, Kleptomancy, Unflinching rune, Mercs and Elixir of Iron, you can have 90% tenacity, so it can work vs high CC teams.

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