SUP Game Box Plus – Portable Handheld Retro Gaming Console – Under $30

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SUP Game Box Plus – Portable Handheld Retro Gaming Console
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42 thoughts on “SUP Game Box Plus – Portable Handheld Retro Gaming Console – Under $30

  1. Here, in southern Italy, there's a real mania for the SUP!

    Every chinese store has some pieces in bundle and, once they're back in stock, they finish into a sold-out state in a very few days! A few days ago I've even seen some "official" (!) SUP installations in some local megastores!!!!

    I bought mine just today, the version with the additional controller.

    Some games refuse to start and some of them are crappy chinese hacks…but it's a good product for just 10€!

  2. Can the Mario game stages be saved? My sons father got one for him for christmas and I'm playing it too. But I want to save Mario 3…….🙂

  3. There is no headphone jack. It is for the video connection to the TV. It’s too small for a standard headphone jack

    Also, mine doesn’t work with the TV Properly. The jack doesn’t seat correctly so I have to find the sweet spot and even then it only does video.

    It’s a pretty cheap device. I was surprised how light it is.

  4. If I buy model for 2 players, can it be played by single player? Or it always needs two players to start with?

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