Uzebox – The Single Chip Retro DIY 8-bit Game Console based on ATMEGA644-20PU

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THE #Uzebox it is a #Retro_minimalist homebrew game console. It is based on an AVR 8-bit #ATMEGA644_20PU Microcontroller

Full 256 simultaneous output colors, 240×224 pixel resolution
Tile & sprite support
Two player ports, either with Super Nintendo or classic Nintendo controllers
4 channel output mono audio for music and effects
SD-card support for future expansion
Built on an Atmel AVR core, 64KB flash and 4KB of RAM
Write game code in C, using fully open source tools on any platform
8-bit Console Games
Built-in Over 500 Classic Games
With 2 Games Controllers , Plug and Play Suitable
SD-Card download other games from Internet and entertainment system

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Just wanted to say a big thanks to Pete Loxham from PL1 Electronics Ltd
for Sending me this Amazing ATMEGA644 CHIP
At Very Low Price FAST & FREE Postage


Microcontroller ATmega644-20PU
28.63636MHz Crystal
18-22pF ceramic capacitor X 2
SD-Card holder
Mini USB Power Jack
SNES connector X 2
6mm tact switch button X 2
40-pin socket
Resistors 75 ohm , 3.16 K ohm, 1.58 K ohm 10K 4.7K 470 ohm


Using an AVR Programmer ISP
For Mac, AVRMacPack

Write the bootloader

sudo avrdude -V -p m644 -P usb -c usbtiny -B 1 -U flash:w:Bootloader5_10.hex

Write the fuses
sudo avrdude -V -p m644 -P usb -c usbtiny -B 1 -U lfuse:w:0xD7:m -U hfuse:w:0xD2:m -U efuse:w:0xFF:m

Code and Schematic

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3 thoughts on “Uzebox – The Single Chip Retro DIY 8-bit Game Console based on ATMEGA644-20PU

  1. This is not a NES Nintendo CLASSIC Mini Console Clone. Please change your title. Some games or concepts from the NES may be ported but this is not a clone of the NES hardware. This is Uzebox. A system that is capable of graphics/games from the 80's and early 90's and uses only a minimum of parts to do so. "Retro-minimalist" is the term that Uzebox uses for this. Nice video otherwise!

  2. Huh, nice video there!

    Some sound could have been applied though, a few of the games you showcased even have some catchy music (was audio connected proper on your board?).

    The bootloader shows some odd bug to me, I wonder where those "x (spaces) 2" entries come from, it should only pick up files which have ".uze" extension (by FAT16/32 short filename). Chickens in Coppers (and a couple of other games) require an SDSC (old version SD card, hard to find nowadays).

    There are several unfinished or partially finished games around, so it is easy to get a poor first impression. In my opinion some of the best games are these (judged by decent overall playability experience): Bugz and Laser Puzzle by Matt Pandina, Tank Fu by Lawrence Brooks, 65536-in-1 by Flavio Zavan, Lander by Hartmut Wendt, Lode Runner and Megatris by Alec Bourque (founder of the project), Zooming Secretary and Sokoban World by Lee Weber, Pengo by Pitfall Jones, and maybe some more I missed. I could also recommend my game, Flight of a Dragon.

    If you could pick up a true SDSC (old version SD card), you could also have the quite enjoyable Alter Ego port and Toorum's Quest by Lee Weber, and possibly that quite a technological feat Tornado 2000 (maybe not as impressive as game, but anyway).

    Of the games you picked, Stormforce is technologically good, but a bit repetitive, and possibly too unforgiving. Arkanoid is a decent old game, however probably could have a bit better control on the ball to make it more enjoyable. Atomix is an okay puzzle, Babylon Tower ditto (but possibly it is just as boring as a Rubik's cube app, not doing justice for fiddling with the real thing). Candle Burner, meh, you get it, needs its music anyway, you would move the match to light up candles or if you screw up, the entire tree. Donkey Kong is a nice port, a bit unforgiving again (probably not any less than the original), but works. Escape from Dungeon is a tech-demo (today not too impressive), Frog Feast is more entertaining if you have a friend to play PvP. Chickens in Coppers could have been a fun little game if you had an SD card it supported.

    By the way for PvP I could really recommend giving Tank Fu a go, we found it quite enjoyable!

    Eh, just hope you don't regret building the thing! 🙂

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