43 thoughts on “Valiant Hearts: The Great War Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1 (Chapter 1: Dark Clouds) No Commentary

  1. I'm sorry but the second the music starts at 4:03 I can't help but think of Slappy Squirrel and Skippy stuck in a WWI training montage.

  2. The "War is declared" bit is iffy. It skips the fact that Austria-Hungary declared on Serbia and then Russia declaring on Austria-Hungary. It also says that Germany declared on France, which is not true. One nitpicky complaint is that it makes it look like Germany declared war on France for no apparent reason, while in reality they declared war on France, because France was going to honor their alliance with Russia anyway and declare on Germany, but if Germany declared first is because they wanted to defeat France as soon as possible, more specifically before Russia could mobilize to the front. They didn't want to get tied up on two fronts, especially if they dedicated to the Russian front, only to have France declare war. It was a huge gamble, which almost worked.

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  4. I dont really get it, so if they attack the enemy the regiment would charge at em, makes no sense cause if you're gonna charge at an enemy that has machine guns and howitzers all the regiments men have a 99% chance of getting killed, and i think each country that fought in the great war lost so many men cause of that, I mean they didn't have a strategy, a plan?

  5. Great gameplay! Is there anyone who knows if there are ANY difference between the Xbox One, 360, PS3, PS4 or the PC version of this game? Just wanted to know if there are one version who stands out a little more than the others..

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    Siete comunque liberi di fare ciò che credete, sia chiaro. Ma un vostro sostegno sarebbe più che gradito per la crescita del canale e il miglioramento dello stesso. Grazie a tutti. Ciauz.

  8. I need help. I was playing this and I'm stuck on 23:23 when the grandpa(i forgot the names ;-;) he pulling the artillary batteries. There's a graphical glitch on the PC where it would slide through the thing without going the full duration of being on that little ramp where I can pull that lever. Am I doing something wrong or?

  9.  The game is so easy, it's basically a showcase for the team's story and artwork, and that's absolutely fine. 

  10. I like the game, especially since it is a means to educate people on WW1, but I can't help but feel that it trivializes it.

  11. actually it was a Serbian who killed Ferdinand and belonged to the nationalistic organization called Black Widow

  12. The stories of the soldiers may be different,but the theme stays the same: War is hell,no matter whose side you're on….and War never changes…it's good to find a game that actually tries to tell that truth,instead of a glorified gore-fest where your objective is to kill as many people as possible. cough CoD cough Battlefield cough 

  13. god trench warfare is extremely idiotic it wastes lives and gains neither side any advantage if ppl are lucky enough to even get to the other trench without being blown up shot up or caught in barbed wire they still got to deal with the hundreds of guys in that opposite trench, and the worst part even if they get that trench which could cost thousands of lives there are dozens more to capture to even gain any ground 

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