Valiant Hearts: The Great War Walkthrough PART 6 (PS4) [1080p] Lets Play Gameplay TRUE-HD QUALITY

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[Chapter 3] Welcome to my HD walkthrough for Valiant Hearts: The Great War, played on the Playstation 4 and under Normal difficulty settings, this is also my first attempt at the single player campaign.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is the story of 5 crossed destinies and a broken love in a world torn apart. All of them will try to survive the horror of the trenches following their faithful canine companion. In Valiant Hearts, the lives of all these characters are inextricably drawn together over the course of the game. Friendship, love, sacrifice and tragedy befall each one as they help each other to retain their humanity against the horrors of war.
Platforms: Playstation 4, PS3, Xbox One, X360 & PC
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
Release Date:
US: June 25th, 2014
EU: June 25th, 2014


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38 thoughts on “Valiant Hearts: The Great War Walkthrough PART 6 (PS4) [1080p] Lets Play Gameplay TRUE-HD QUALITY

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  2. Ooooooooooooooohhh… so fred and his girlfreind before they finish the wedding when german came to france his girlfreind got killed by a shell cannon

  3. that black guy said he will destroy whoever destroy his peaceful life. actually allies should be blames for put their noses in this issue. like come on, austrian hungary's archduke was killed by serbs and allies still sided the terrorists? that's why i dislike this game make german empire looks like ridiculously childish-look villain.

  4. @Charlisimo123 Karl is Emile's son-in-law. Karl married Emile's daughter before the war. When the war started he was deported

  5. I am so confuse Emile and Karl are the same family, but Karl is in the German side and Emile is in the French. Can someone explain to me how is this possible? Because in the first episode you see Karl getting drafted by two guys in bikes and I thought he will be joining the French since they were in France.

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