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Is your wallet as empty as ours? Are you on a quest to level up your Dota 2 Battle Pass before TI 9?
Look no further! Here’s our guide to levelling your Battle Pass as efficiently as possible.
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Each year’s Battle Pass seems to bring with it a boatload of new features and iteams. Who here doesn’t enjoy grinding to collect levels, immortal treasures, prestige items, the compendium and ofcourse, chat wheel voice lines! But collecting all these Dota 2 goodies can be time consuming and expensive if done without a plan. While there’s still little information about events like Wrath of the Mo’rokai, we hope this guide helps you to plan your journey efficiently while spending as little money as possible. Let us know if you plan to bring home the collector’s Aegis or the Baby Roshan this year! Happy levelling 🙂


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44 thoughts on “Watch this before spending money on TI9 Battle Pass Levels | Dota 2

  1. "This item will expire if not used by Sep 9, 2019" says the Battle Pass page, I'm a newbie, shall I wait until the next Battle Pass comes out?

  2. i already spent at least 104 dollars and im level 418, jungle is not completed yet and morokai was opened today and yes i buought 2x bundle sale

  3. how i reach lvl 427. Let me briefly tell you how i did it without spending much money. First i brought lvl 1 battle pass i play 5hours a day finishing only jungle so after one month i finally completed all task and i reach lvl 110 also. Second, the 30 days collector cache i brought 15 treasure, so lucky that i got rare and very rare drop, so it's plus 36 level approximately level 147. Third, a month later week end treasure bundle arrive with 120lvl tre I x9,tre II x6,tre II x 3, i brought two because there was a bug, so my level now is 387, Fourth, the extra 40 level is from dig up and bet boost with friends so lucky that per game i got 500 points and 100 points. yeahhhh i just want to get all the good items… and

  4. hahahah i bought the level bundle twice this year. if u buy from in game and u buy through the steam store u can get it; even though its 1 per customer limit

  5. At 1:52
    Sir, 1000points = 1 lvl

    Having 33,300 / 1000 = 33.3

    33lvls i wrong correct me please

    Your calculation at 2:49 is correct thou

  6. Brother I purchased lvl 1 battle pass as I was in shortage of money how far can I go if I go with only summer bundle? Any approx?

  7. Due to internet and wapda and ofc my laptop.
    My conduct dropped to 108.
    And I am in forever lp these days..
    Damn what a luck lol..
    I wish no body get this much bad luck XD.

  8. Hi for those who have no time to finish their jungle expedition, I am now offering CLEAR JUNGLE SERVICES to all of you. Just need MYR50 for all 3 lanes. Pm me for more details thank you 🙂

  9. The last clip with the man clapping make me subscribe you. Nice content, very informative. Looking forward for more quality content.

  10. People who never played dota 1: tiny towers hahaha
    People who played dota 1: heyyy brings back old times for sentinel towers but also the scourge has them now

  11. about the baby roshan cant get it if you are lvl 2000.. you get it by digging in the game using trusty is cosmically rare to get it…

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