Winx Club + Disney Princesses = ??? | Mashup

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What’s magical, fairytastic and combines two of our fave things? This Mashup! We’re mashing up Disney Princesses–like Ariel, Anna, Cinderella, Pocahontas, and Belle–with Winx Club fairies–like Stella, Bloom, Musa, Flora, and Tecna!


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If you love all things awesome, then you found the right channel! Every Tuesday, we’ve got vlogs that show you everything from Disney Princess-inspired DIYs to funny Musical.lys and Snapchats! Come back on Thursday for Character Mashups and VS with your fave shows and movies like the Powerpuff Girls, Moana, My Little Pony, Beauty and the Beast, and more!


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29 thoughts on “Winx Club + Disney Princesses = ??? | Mashup

  1. I was thinking Musa and Anna because they both had some problems with guy like Anna had trouble with Hans and Musa has it with riven like if u agree

  2. Aisha really works as Snow White…the pixies are kind of like her dwarves!
    My only comment is that maybe Stella should be Cinderella…she did have a wicked stepmother and stepsister!

  3. 5 years later,
    "Where is our Winx Club and My Little Pony Mashup?"
    Does it with the wrong My Little Pony Series
    This would be a nightmare, no pun intended, just noticed.

  4. Honestly these re all pretty good matches, I definitely wouldn’t have thought of Musa and Cinderella together but it works out really well!!

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