19 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Legendary Item Farming lvl 80 (Code Chip,Core Crystal,Aux Code)

  1. That Mythra hurts me. Should have a much higher crit rate than that. Completely missing out on the almost instant elemental orb charges thanks to Lightspeed Flurry.

  2. how are you doing this? I keep killing him and I have gold chips in all my blades (all nine of them in battle), yet he's only dropped the legendary core just once, maybe it got patched by the update?

  3. I killed this dude but idk where his tomb stone is. I did find an even bigger ape sleeping under the tree, level 90 I believe. His farts are deadly.

  4. I've been farming him as well, good xp but it seems like the item drops get worse after each kill. The first batch of loot was amazing though.

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